A celebrity that gets social media? I know shocking…

Celebrity Twitter SunglassesWe have all seen it happen, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. A celebrity hops onto one of the sites or has someone representing them get on the site and they do what? Well, often times they don’t do much besides broadcast promo’s about their next show, movie, or where they’re going to be at… you get the drill. An interesting post written by Brett Borders titled, “Dear Web ‘Celebrity’ Who Never Follows Anyone Back” takes the issue to the level of calling these celebs snobs.

I don’t think I’ll go as far as calling these celebrities or their managers snobs, they are just misinformed. Maybe they think it makes them seem more famous to not follow anyone. celebrities don't care what you have to sayMaybe they are afraid of having an out of control twitterstream? It is very similar to putting on those celebrity shades and withdrawing from the world. If celebrities are worried about their twitterstream (which I’m sure they’re not) they could use a tool like TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop to solve that problem. What celebrities are telling you when they don’t follow you is that they don’t care what you have to say. Who wants to be a fan of that? Send in your fan letter you worked so hard on and it goes straight to the trashcan?

Oprah Winfrey Follower Numbers / Ashton Kutcher Follower Numbers:

The trend is changing

Now the good news is there are some celebrities that are starting to get it. You should take screen shots of celebrities accounts that don’t follow anyone because soon you will most likely notice a large portion of them following people back. Why? They may not even do it to listen to you, but instead for pure competition and marketing. Let’s take a look at a managed celebrity account that is starting to follow thousands of people and another account that has shown a similar trend. Below you will find @BritneySpears and @JimmyEatWorld following stats from Twitterholic.com.

With the competition brutal due to Twitter going mainstream, celebrities are starting to clamor for more follows to be ranked higher in the overall Twitter follower rankings. When looking at the column data it is from left to right: Date, Followers, Following.

You can see the incremental amounts that were increased from a mere 1,000 people that the Britney Spears account was following to three days later an additional 9,000. The action of following an additional 9,000 people resulted in a follower jump of 23,837. However, the biggest monumental jump was when an additional 58,000 people were followed which increased the people following the Britney Spears account by 581,000 additional followers.

Another example is with the Jimmy Eat World account. You can see the direct relation from the point that when they started following thousands of people their account is directly effected in people following them. Obviously following 0 people the @JimmyEatWorld account wasn’t doing too well! Two months later after following 70k they have gained 106,000 additional followers. Do you see a trend?

As celebrities, corporations, TV shows and brands observe this trend most of them will fall in line and end up following back. If they don’t, they’ll be passed by other celebrities and identities that are willing to follow people back and allow a two way conversation.

Why will celebrities follow people for more followers?

Follow the leaderI’m quite certain you can answer this yourself. However, I do know some people that don’t seem to get it. From a marketing perspective, if you were Britney Spears and you were releasing a new album would you like to tell 100,000 people about it every day or 1,000,000? If you are Ashton, it’s movies, if you are Oprah it’s your show, book club, magazine. You get the point, right?

Now obviously this method doesn’t just apply to celebrities. It applies to all Twitter users really. Let’s be honest about that, right? Corporations, Pizza Companies, Hosting Companies, you name it. If there’s a message to be given, this new trend will creep into every corner of Twitter. Essentially they will follow the leader.

One problem remains: Engagement

So one problem has been solved. From the article mentioned above by Brett Borders which has been retweeted nearly 900 times, you can see that the Twitter majority feels celebs should follow back. Problem solved, the trend is moving in that direction and should tend do so in the future. There is still a problem however. Most of these celebrity accounts still don’t get it. They don’t engage, they don’t talk to their fans, they don’t ask them questions, they don’t take polls, they don’t have contests or even acknowledge the existence of a fan. So one problem remains, while they may follow people, they still don’t communicate with them. I think there is a way to change this trend as well.

The solution?

The everyday folks on Twitter should support celebrities, brands, companies and organizations that have open communication with their followers. If people that use Twitter in a favorable way get more attention, responses, retweets and press than the people that shun their fans, eventually the tide will turn.

I have noticed a particular celebrity account on Twitter due to my friend Susan Elaine (@BuzzEdition) bringing it to my attention, that has shocked me more than once. The account is for the band Collective Soul and can be found at @collective_soul. What I find so simply amazing about these guys is that they actually respond to fans. They retweet fans tweets. They read blogs by users on Twitter. They make exclusive videos just for their Twitter fans. I could go on, but let me put it this way. These guys are extremely successful and have went Multi-Platinum 7 times in the U.S., 18 times in Canada with 7 #1 hits and guess what? They still treat every one of their fans as a person. Amazing huh?

Before they were even jumping in the Twitter pool, this band was participating in Social Media. They have a phone line where fans can call in and leave a message. They randomly call back fans and talk to them. Even more interesting and voyeuristic (just like Twitter) you can listen to the fans messages yourself. I have taken a quick recording of a few fans messages. Crazy huh? Social Media with a telephone.

Collective Soul Band PhotoAfter talking with @BuzzEdition and @Collective_Soul I got the news that they are launching a blog contest that’s giving away crazy prizes! It just proved to me that these guys truly do get Social Media. Allowing the fans, followers and bloggers to be apart of the party is a great interactive way to be real. I’m thinking that to prove to celebrities and big brands on Twitter that have decided to “broadcast” instead of interact they should be given a wake-up call. By participating in this blog contest a knod can be given to the celebrities that are doing things right in Social Media. Here are the details of the blog contest:

Collective Soul Blog Contest

These guys are giving out some awesome prizes for participation!

1st Prize: 2 Tickets to any show, 2 backstage passes, AUTOGRAPHED GUITAR and a copy of new album

2nd Prize: 2 Tickets, Autographed Guitar Pick and a Copy of the new Album

3rd Prize: Copy of New Album, Autographed Picture, Autographed Drumsticks & Guitar Pick

The first 10 entrants into the contest will receive an Autographed Picture in the mail!

How to Enter

Write a blog post talking about Collective Soul that includes the following things:

1. Include a link to the Collective Soul Twitter Account

2. Include a link to the Collective Soul Website / Blog

3. Mention new tour starting in 2009

Once you’ve written your blog post leave a link to your blog post in the comment section below. This will add some traffic and a backlink to your blog. Also TWEET a message to @Collective_Soul on Twitter announcing your new blog post like:

I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here: YOURURL

Collective Soul has agreed to Retweet your blog post to all of their fans! (Your 15 minutes of fame!)

How Collective Soul Chooses The Winners

Selecting Winner for Collective Soul Blog ContestThe band will pick the top 10 entries out of the all the submissions. It’s recommended that you be creative and let people know how you feel about Collective Soul, their social media interaction, how their music has effected your life or any other creative way you want to present the band. The only requirements that you need to include in your blog post are listed above.

Once Collective Soul has chosen the top 10 entries the final Top 3 winners will be chosen by you! An online poll will be held on Twitter to allow you to vote for the final winner. The top 3 contestants will win the prizes in the order of their votes!

Terms and Conditions

The contest will end on June 15th at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. The Collective Soul band will then choose the winners and the online poll will start within a week.

Blog posts must be for public viewing and not private! (ie. MySpace Blogs can’t be seen by anyone but your friends)

Anyone suspected of rigging the votes in the poll will be removed and disqualified from the contest.

If you have any questions just send @Collective_Soul
a message on Twitter!

In Conclusion

I hope that gives you an idea of the coming trends of celebrities and gives you one way you can fight back. You can accelerate the trend by supporting the celebrities that will actually interact and engage on Twitter. In the end, if most celebrities adopt the trend, Twitter will be a better place to hang your hat.

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease,
- webaddict


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  1. A celebrity that gets social media? I know shocking… | Fashion e Music Blog said:

    [...] Go here to read the rest:  A celebrity that gets social media? I know shocking… [...]

  2. Ethel Powers said:

    Yoko Ono follows more people than those who follow her. She also responds.

  3. Twitted by smaknews said:

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  4. Non-CollectiveSoul Fan said:

    Collective Soul CLAIMS that they talk to and respond to those that follow them, but this is simply not true. Here’s the situation. I am not a big fan of theirs. However, they followed me, so out of courtesy, I followed them back. I’ve responded to or asked questions of them 3 times. How many times have they responded or even acknowledged this? Zero. Doesn’t sound too fan friendly to me.

  5. cathy said:

    They are also in the midst of recording their new album so sometimes responses don’t happen. I have sent many comments/questions too and not all get a response, however I have had replies or “shout outs” or #followfridays so they do pay attention.

  6. cathy said:

    I also believe the more you interact with them the more likely to get responses. They do respond more to those they know.

  7. Danny Brown said:

    I think you’re confusing Twitter and social media overall.

    Twitter’s just one part of social media, and social media is just one part of a far wider picture online. So there are always going to be different ways it’s used.

    With Twitter, however, where does it say that you *have* to converse or you *have* to engage? At its core, Twitter’s raison d’etre is to simply ask “What are you doing?”. So, in fairness, people that do exactly what Twitter asks are just following the site’s own question.

    Unless you’re breaking Twitter’s ToS, there’s no right or wrong way to use the service.

    To say someone “gets it” because they converse more than someone else seems to miss the point a little.

  8. Rhonda said:

    Collective Soul DOES reply back. A LOT. You can’t forget they r busy people, and respond as often as they can. I have received replies several times. They r a great bunch of very talented musicians. They really love & care about their fans.

  9. codesucker said:

    Great stuff. Kim Kardashian subscribed to my feed on friendfeed – I clicked through and saw she had followed everyone. Who are these social media mavens that work for the celebrities? I’m sure Kim isn’t sitting there clicking on my silly avatar and wondering what I’m up to.

    I was wondering why Obama hadn’t followed me back yet on Twitter!

  10. Czarina Cleopatra said:

    Okey, done reading… LOL

    Here’s my reaction paper @webaddict ;)

    I read “The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media” the other day. So #3 & #7 is all about gluttony and sloth.

    #3 almost stated them all. “Social Media is a way to connect, listen, build relationships, learn and teach”. In short, BE SOCIABLE!!!

    “What celebrities are telling you when they don’t follow you is that they don’t care what you have to say. Who wants to be a fan of that? Send in your fan letter you worked so hard on and it goes straight to the trashcan?”

    You expressed your thoughts a little bit harsh here but I absolutely agree with you. Those types of people are self-centered. Posting all that stuff… “Watch me @”, “Check out …”, “I’m @“, blah and blah… Sheesh… In exchange to what? A good relationship should be “give-and-take” so that the relation will last. It’s the same with Social Media – you give, you take, they give, they take. OR something like this: “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” =)

    Okey another line:

    “They still treat every one of their fans as a person. Amazing huh?”
    Yeah! Totally amazing, yes! Ha-ha! I just followed ‘em. LOL
    Shhh, they stunned me… rofl, I know now why they turned Multi-Platinum for 13 times!

    Simply because… they COMMUNICATE =) >>>

    “What I find so simply amazing about these guys is that they actually respond to fans. They retweet fans tweets. They read blogs by users on Twitter. They make exclusive videos just for their Twitter fans.”

    I’m a fan, too. I know how they feel when they’re being ignored by their idol. I could still remember when I first messaged my “Idol” and he/they didn’t even bother to message me back. Sounds bitter eh? LOL. Well I was. I’m not his/their fan anymore. Actually, they have good stuff but I prefer “real” human who appreciates suggestions and comments. But so what if they’re already popular? I told myself: so you’re big and you don’t need my opinion, huh? Then—goodbye! Wth, sorry for this emotional comment of mine. LOL

  11. joelmackey said:

    @Danny I coudn’t disagree with you more. The funny thing is, the argument you make about “not breaking Twitter TOS” so you can do whatever you want is exactly the point that I can state publicly with my own Twitter account and blog about people I THINK get it. Whether you think I’m right or wrong is your prerogative.

    Twitter at it’s core is about, “What are you doing?” But if you use Twitter more than 5 minutes in a day you can clearly see that’s not at all what it has become.

    Am I confusing Twitter and social media? No, I think that Twitter is an equilibrium of most social media networks. Why has Digg moved it’s social side of the site, “shouts” on over to Twitter? Why do people post links to their facebook and links to their photos on Twitter? For the people that use it, it becomes the disseminater of social media connections and information. In the article it mentions another out-of-social media facet of engagement, the call back phone line. The article’s point was that their is a trend going on inside of Twitter and it is spreading and will fall over into other social networks as well.

    Your comment, “Twitter’s just one part of social media, and social media is just one part of a far wider picture online. So there are always going to be different ways it’s used.”

    Well, of course! You like to state the obvious. Just as the telephone can be used for telemarketing and it can make companies millions of dollars, people have the right to publicly state this is not the best policy or enjoyable for the people on the getting sold to end of the phone call. If you’re going to cram promotion and shit down my throat I expect you to at least give a stab at engaging me and giving back.

    Thanks for the comment but Danny Brown, my friend, I think you miss all of the points of my article, a little.

  12. paul@ourchurch.com said:

    I think it’s great for celebrities and companies to engage their fans/customers, but it’s completely ridiculous to think just because a celebrity follows everyone who follows them that they actually read those followers tweets.

    The best option is probably for them to say up front that they don’t read the tweets of those who they follow, only read those @TheirUsername, and can only reply to a small % of them.

  13. Paul Steinbrueck said:

    I think it’s great for celebrities and companies to engage their fans/customers, but it’s completely ridiculous to think just because a celebrity follows everyone who follows them that they actually read those followers tweets.

    The best option is probably for them to say up front that they don’t read the tweets of those who they follow, only read those @TheirUsername, and can only reply to a small % of them.

    (Please delete the comment above that shows my email address. Thanks!)

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    [...] My social media buddy and all around wonderful person, Charles Porch (you can follow him here: @charlesporch) sent me this great blog post, that wraps up nicely my Twitter engagement post: Joel Mackey of OpenPressWire.com writes “A Celebrity That Gets Social Media, I know shocking&#… [...]

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  16. Cathy Bullock said:
  17. Colleen said:

    Collective Soul is wonderful…nice bunch a fellas who know how to rock and they know how to treat their fans! Love you guys!!


  18. David McCarter said:
  19. Jedi Jenn said:

    Okay we follow tons of celebrities. Do we get a “hello” from each and everyone of them – NO!

    Here is the difference with Collective Soul: They try to engage as many people as possible. They RT posts, they send pics of their band mates while eating, just got up, while doing concert, they post videos of the recording process, answer our questions via video, ask us OUR thoughts on pics and so forth…not only that they aren’t just posting on the “Official” site for us to read…they do this in “REAL” time. Certain members of the band stayed up all nite a few times just to try and answer as many questions as possible. These guys are sweet, kind, generous and gracious enough to allow their lives to be filmed/printed in such a way that the famous press whore Kevin Smith doesn’t seem to do.

    So tweeps answer me this:
    Would you while doing all your work/family things answer back 12000+ fans (taking your whole day and having no life/no tour/no NEW album) or would you be grateful that these down to earth gentlemen are doing the best they can while putting out an album and embarking on a tour!? I rarely get answered…but when I see them respond to someone, that and their music is all I need. Because I don’t see anyone else putting the effort in the way these guys do. Collective Soul rock and if you still don’t get it, then pay closer attention!

    Thanks for letting me er “Vent”! lol


  20. QueenSapphyre said:

    THANKS!!! I had fun writing!!!!!

  21. Jeff said:

    I joined the contest! http://tinyurl.com/p2fou4

  22. Christina said:

    Awesome… I blogged on my site to enter my parents, who deserve the reward way more than I do.


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  24. Mariah Oliveira said:

    Here is my entry for the contest on my blog.


    Thanks Collective Soul.

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  26. Stephanie Hughes said:

    Entering the Collective Soul contest.

    I am definitely feeling the music. Through my skin. To my bones. It keeps me alive.

    THE TOUR http://www.collectivesoul.com/live/

  27. KatyKatt3 said:

    I have been a loyal CS fan for many years. I’ve seen too many shows to count (I should count them some day!) It really doesn’t surprise me they are so into the Twitter craze. I have met them many times, and they are super bunch of guys. Very real & down to earth. They always take time for their fans!

  28. KatyKatt3 said:
  29. Jedi Jenn said:

    I just entered the Collective Soul Blog Contest here:


    Thanks and have fun blogging! I want to read all:)

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  32. Kimberly A. said:

    Finally, I have finished my blogpost on my website, dedicated to Collective Soul of course aka I entered the contests guys! I almost never do something like this. lol CSoul is worth it! Here’s my link…

    Just so you know, I worked very hard, (in addition to cooking & eating dinner, and sending hubby off to work tonight, and it was especially difficult due to dealing with tech/apps difficulties….figures…always seems to happen to me at the most inopportune times.

    I couldn’t quite get all the issues ironed out, but I did the best I could. Hope you enjoy!



  33. Rheanne Millette said:
  34. Pamela Butler said:

    I am entering Collective Soul’s contest: http://fozziebear66.livejournal.com/2234.html

  35. Scott Taylor said:

    Here is my blog post

    Excited to watch Collective Soul explode on Twitter with their authentic interaction with people.

  36. kalikitty67 said:
  37. Sean Arenas said:

    I have published my post here: http://bit.ly/article13

    I hope everyone enjoys it. Feel free and leave comments at the bottom if you like.

  38. Holley Adams said:

    I originally had not planned to make this an entry, but after some discussion with friends, here it is:


    I hope you enjoy it. I had a lot of fun writing it.

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  40. Serena said:

    my blog for the contest….it’s a must-read!

  41. LeaAnn said:
  42. Jess said:

    Why does Collective Soul Rock Your Socks?

    You wanna know…you know you do:


  43. Donna said:

    Here’s my entry:

    I am so excited about this. I love Collective Soul!

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  48. Ramnath said:

    I wonder are there any TOS that says you cant follow N no of people and blah blah??

    There should be some restrictions. Like I follow 1K people today, get followed by 500 the next day and unfollow 900 the other day. Thats a spammy way to increase the number isn’t it?

    Its a spammers’ world I guess! Why should one follow someone with no rhyme or reason? What’s IN IT??

  49. Ramnath said:

    Nice post though.. yup its all number game after all.

  50. Erik said:
  51. Anny Bolivar said:

    I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here:http://annybolivar.blogspot.com/

  52. Art said:

    Sports and Collective Soul hold equal places in my heart…


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  54. Linda said:

    I just entered the Collective Soul Contest. And I also want to say…THEY GET IT! Thanks guys!

  55. Linda said:

    oops..this is my blog post


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  57. Freddie said:

    I just entered the @collective_soul blog contest here: http://bit.ly/rJnPg

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    I just entered the @collective_soul blog contest here:


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    I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here: http://bit.ly/Tx4rZ

  60. Holley said:

    I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here: http://tw6.us/4V

  61. Teena said:

    I just wrote my first public blog – all because of Collective Soul http://bit.ly/dLZfs

  62. Chris Cade | Inspiring 1 Million People said:

    I joined the contest as well – doing it in the way I know best… telling a true and authentic story:



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  64. leslie said:

    I agree with much of what this blog has to say nut i want to point out that most celebs are not really snob’s.
    Just imagine if you will that you have over 200k friends that are all online at the same time you are and your trying to have an online chat with a colleague.
    Your screen would be filled with thousands of messages every second and most celebrities dont have the time or inclination to deal with that,especially if more than half of those messages are screaming.. “me , me , me, me , me.
    Also take into account that most celebrities are very intelligent and educated people and like many intelligent people dont have the inclination to repond to insipid question’s or bad writing.
    I think that if you have a very real and insightful question or comment most celebrities will respond to you or at least when they can.
    They are honestly busy people even when they are not on a set filming or in a studio recording.
    A whole day can be spent going from legitment buisness meetings with planners/agents, studio exec’s,publicists,ad agencies,product companies as well as what ever personal buisness endeavors they are in..writng, stock market,thier on pubs,clubs,retuarants.
    Finally remember they are people too and get just as easily frustrated and put off by other people as we do.
    One more final thing,i myself have never had a celeb respond to me either and probably never will, unless I write something or do something that for them merits it!

  65. leslie said:

    p.s. I am a very poor writer and typist!

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    I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here:

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    I finished writing my blog about collective soul. Enjoy :)


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    I just blogged about Collective Soul! Check it out!
    Note: this is an OPEN music lovers group blog. You do not have to join Sugar to view or vote! You can even make anonymous comments…

  70. Sean Arenas said:

    I joined the Collective Soul contest by Blogging here:


    I hope you like it :)

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    I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here: http://www.subnet192.com

    Keep making good music guys and bring us more live concert DVDs! The Home DVD was awesome!

  73. Faith Tatrow said:

    I just entered the Collective Soul blog contest here: http://believing1faith.blogspot.com/

    Please check it out!

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    I just posted this on my blog. I hope Collective Soul continues to have great tours, they are the voice of the anti labels.

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  81. Mabyn said:

    I’ve looked at celebrity accounts but…what’s the point. I still like People Magazine better…it has pictures. It is great that this group is actually trying to communicate in some fashion. Hope they keep it up. Great write.

  82. Dave Murphy said:

    I just entered the @Collective_Soul Blog Contest here:


  83. Yolande said:

    I have just entered the collective soul blog competition.
    Check out my blog at http://yolliesa.blogspot.com/

  84. featureBlend said:

    Good Read Joel, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah I am quite impressed with Collective Soul’s responsiveness and interactivity. Though they are a band who is not in the lime-light anymore, they understand the POWER of communication on Twitter.

    I think you are quite right in that in the future celebs will start being more responsive. I’m not totally big into following celebs, however i would be much more inclined to follow after i check whats going on on their stream.

    Its about *constantly appealing to the masses at the end of the day, even if you are a star.. I’m a small dude but communicating and engaging others has really helped me out. A simple DM or reply (@) can make someone a total fan, even if the person doesn’t know you.

    Ohh also I think @Jedi Jenn & @Czarina Cleopatra couldn’t have said it any better…

    Thanks for the post!

  85. Laurie said:

    I didn’t even know CS was still around! You’ve re-introduced me to them! I used to listen to them a long time ago, but lost touch with them! Great post, and congrats on being published!

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  88. Danny said:

    More interaction between fans and celebrities is the way forward, and twitter keeps it short and to the point, that’s the best part of it! ITf it’s meaningful, a celebrity will find it twitterific!

  89. A celebrity that gets social media? I know shocking… < It’s all about the trends said:

    [...] Who Never Follows Anyone Back ” takes the issue to the level of calling these celebs snobs. I don click for more var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : [...]

  90. Brandy said:

    I think it is very awesome that CS follows their fans back they are the only celebrity that I follow that has followed back and that makes them number 1 in my book!!!!

    I just entered the Collective Soul blog contest here: http://brandysaddictions.blogspot.com/

  91. Alyssa said:


    heres a link to my blog post for collective soul :)

  92. moserw said:

    Wow, this is a good idea. I recently wrote a blog about their first album at http://www.nela.in/collective-soul-hints-allegations-and-things-left-unsaid-album-review/.

  93. Rodney Miller said:

    StereoTruth.net has been blogging about Collective Soul for the last year. We can’t wait for their new project and the chance to see them on tour is something we couldn’t pass up on. Here’s our recent blog post about their tour with Gavin Degraw. http://www.stereotruth.net/2009/05/collective-soul-ready-to-hit-the-road/

    Rodney Miller
    StereoTruth.net a positive music weblog!

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    A link to my entry: http://raech.livejournal.com/481072.html

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    Finally entered my blog for Collective Soul. They are the greatest!!! http://okayitsmyturn.blogspot.com/

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    Can’t believe I actually posted a blog… and just for Collective Soul :)

  105. Paul DaSilva said:

    Collective Soul on Indieeh.com

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    Here is my blog entry about Collect Soul…http://tinyurl.com/nyfxp2. Thanks!!

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    Collective Soul featured by Astral Audio Productions; blog and podcast episode (with the new single).

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    Just posted my Collective Soul blog about how they have inspired me and my musical interests.


  114. Brian said:

    Just posted my Collective Soul blog about how they have inspired me and my musical interests.


  115. Edward Marcel said:

    I just entered the Collective Soul Blog Contest.

    My post is titled: “I’m listening to Collective Soul instead of walking at my Graduation”

    Link to my post: http://www.edwardmarcel.com/2009/06/14/i’m-listening-to-collective-soul-instead-of-walking-at-my-graduation/

    Edward Marcel,
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    My son and I met Ed Roland and Will Turpin of Collective Soul when they headlined the Deadwood Jam in Deadwood, SD in September of 2003. Read all about at The Real Deadwood Podcast blog: http://realdeadwoodpodcast.com/cblog/

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    Here’s my submission into this wonderful *game*

    Have a great week!

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    I decided to go another way and offered an essay contest which would give the winner the title of Executive Producer for my feature comedy, “Nominated”. I’ve used my blog, but have also created a direct page: http://www.nominatedthemovie.com/exec_prod.htm

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