First Celebrity Swine Flu Death

Kermit the Frog is first celebrity swine flu death

We know you’re probably very upset. Please leave your condolences in the comments section for this well loved star. Rest in peace Kermit. Dang you, Miss Piggy!

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40 Responses to “First Celebrity Swine Flu Death”

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  2. Zatanna said:

    I think he croaked it.

  3. Michael VanDervort said:

    He didn’t just croak. He went out trying to make a silk purse out of a swine ear.

  4. Anna Gonzalez said:

    Oh Kermie… no…

  5. Ian Wilson said:

    Are you sure he’s dead? I think I just saw his little finger move.
    Rest in peace or Sweet dreams Kermit, whatever the case may be. :)

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  11. Oscar David Vargas said:

    No! Not Kermit!

  12. thespaghetticat said:

    Apparently he died poor, destitute and homeless too. Poor frog…

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  14. lainee said:

    I was speechless with laughter.
    This is pretty dang funny, including the comments. Darn you Miss Piggy! There’s a reason forbidden relationships are forbidden tsk tsk.

  15. el said:

    Now now everybody….let’s not…uh….jump….to any conclusions.

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  19. C.J. Hatter said:

    His last words were reported to have been “That pig said she was CLEAN!”

  20. Catzie said:

    Oh dear, poor frog. :(

    Miss Piggy’s spreading swine flu? OMG.

  21. Sheryl Loch said:

    I tried to tell him to NEVER trust a pig in a boa!
    Sure that ‘she’ had life insurance on him, that’s how she buys all that bling (even though she hasn’t had a big movie in years).

    RIP ol green friend!

  22. Mama Needs a Cosmo said:

    Stop trying to blame his death on swine flu. I can see the track marks on his little froggy arms.

    Miss Piggy was trying to straighten him out for years. Did y’all know the song “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” was a song about weed?

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  24. G T said:

    Poor Kermit. May he twitch in peace

  25. themaphabit said:

    This is very, very sad. I guess it just serves as a cautionary tail now.

    Sorry little guy!

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  27. Edward Philipp said:

    Kermit wanted to jump to conclusions, but couldn’t even think clearly anymore.

    Rest In Peace Dear Frog

  28. Annonymous said:

    Kermit, Kermit, Kermit…oh my. So sad. But let’s look at the opportunity it affords us. “Oh dear, fresh frog legs for your dinner tonight!” (OK – just kidding!)

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  30. Marcharino said:

    Hog Frog Flu

  31. Kakrotsmen said:


    poor kermit..

    who’s next miss piggy!!!

    dang you!

  32. laalparda said:

    Let me dye first but save the poor Kermit..

  33. MacGeek said:

    Err… not shame you all… it is Miss Piggy who gave kermie the Swine Flu… you know? Miss Piggy??.. Swine?? Pigs? Ring a bell?

    Dam you Miss Piggy! You killed our little homeboy! :)

  34. Laurie said:

    Farewell Kermie, you will be froggly missed! This is a warning to all who read this…DO NOT KISS ANY PIGS!

  35. Truculentmonkey said:

    Poor Kermie

  36. Luciana said:

    Poor Kermit:(
    Hahaha i get it Miss Piggy is a pig so she passed the flu to Kermit hahaha

  37. Lisa85856 said:

    Interesting stuff. Did you hear that there’s a new strain which is resistant to the anti-flu drugs? Tamiflu etc? Found a really good website for tracking it’s progress, seems to be updated every hour or so…

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  40. Lily said:

    i hate ms.piggy she’s a dirty little scumbag who killed the beloved green frog who it’s not easy being green a favorite song of mine

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