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So you’re sitting on your couch or in your easy chair and taking in the new president of the United States, Barack Obama. You can take part and show your individual feelings about sending President George W. Bush out of office with style, Give Bush The Boot!

It was on the winter day of December 14th, 2008 that “Giving Bush The Boot” became a way to show that you are ready for new leadership in the United States or in our case now, celebrating new leadership in the United States. In a Baghdad press conference an Iraqi broadcast journalist, Muntadhar al-Zaidi, threw his shoes at US president George W. Bush while Bush craftily dodged both shoes!

Now you can make sure Bush doesn’t dodge your boots and shoes. Print out the graphic below, tape it to your wall, a sign, your door or wherever you want and GIVE BUSH THE BOOT!!! Before you take part in this festivity though, get out your camera, video camera or start up your webcam and record your shoe throwing. Follow the directions below and we’ll include you in the YouTube Give Bush The Boot playlist you see playing below. Make sure you leave a comment here putting a link to your YouTube video or just leave us your feelings on Bush and let us know if you’re giving him the boot.


1. Save & Print out this image on your printer, CLICK HERE
2. Tape, Staple or place your paper somewhere you can aim
3. Find favorite shoe or boot
4. Start up your camera, video camera and record boot throwing!
5. Upload your video to YouTube
A. Try to use title, “Give Bush The Boot YOURCITY, YOURSTATE”
6. Comment here at OpenPressWire with a link to your YouTube video
7. OR email us at with a link to your YouTube video
or raw video if you need help uploading to YouTube!

Take part in history, exercise your freedom and Let Freedom Ring by launching your favorite shoe at Bush while president Obama takes office.

Enjoy the GIVE BUSH THE BOOT playlist below, it will play all the way through without changing it. If your throwing isn’t added just email us or leave a comment! :P For those that don’t know you can skip any video in the playlist below by hovering your mouse over the current video and selecting the arrows or the small videos at the bottom.

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