MP3, MPG, Horsepower

MP3, MPG, Horsepower … yes, that is the message that Chevrolet wants to be in your mind when you think about the Chevy Cobalt SS. I was watching the Kansas City Royals game and an advertisement that was essentially a web browser was the entire feature of the ad. In big clear letters the search in the search bar (which didn’t look like Chrome, IE or Firefox) was, “MP3, MPG, Horsepower.”

MP3, MPG, Horsepower

Chevrolet Cobalt Turbocharged Coupe in Victory Red

Chevrolet Cobalt Turbocharged Coupe in Victory Red - MP3, MPG, Horsepower

Being a geek, a SEO guy (search engine optimization) I was tempted enough to pull my laptop over and type in the search keyphrase. Sure enough, “MP3, MPG, Horsepower” pulls up Chevy’s page featuring the Cobalt at #1 which you can find here.

But what has my wheels turning is the safety of allowing your brand to lie in the hands of an organic search on Google. I can assure you that I will most likely now rank for this keyword. If I were Ford Motor Company I could post a webpage with the Mustang which gets 31 MPG. If I were a disgruntled Chevrolet customer who had his car completely fall apart after the warranty was up I could post a blog post and tell everyone about it. I could piggy back on the marketing budget of Chevrolet to spread a negative message about them. Lucky enough for them, I’m not.

Blackhat SEOI doubt you will see this as a long term trend in marketing. It is just too dangerous and uncontrollable. However, I think it’s creative, cool and fun. Way to go Chevrolet. By the way… would you guys like to provide me a free Chevy Cobalt SS that is Turbocharged? I’d be more than happy to provide videos and how much fun I was having with it right here. <wink wink>

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease,
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  1. Dawn said:

    Chevy is also hosting local meetup/tweetups! Finally Chevy is finding (or attempting) to find the social media world and not let Ford have it all.
    Now if only I could get the Chevy Dealership that my husband works at to understand this :)

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