World Series of Beer Pong III in Las Vegas

World Series of Beer Pong IIIIf you’ve never heard of it before, get ready to find a new world series to become obsessed or entertained with. Once a tournament makes it’s move to Las Vegas and offers a $50,000 winning prize, you can almost bet you’ll someday find it on some obscure HD channel, enter Beer Pong.

Beer Pong is a game that is fairly easy to understand. A simple explanation directly from the World Series of Beer Pong rulebook can be found below:


Beer pong itself is simple. Two teams stand at opposite ends of an 8-foot long table, where ten 16-ounce cups, filled with roughly 2 ounces of beer or another liquid, are placed in a bowling-pin formation. Each team takes turns tossing ping-pong balls at their opponent’s cup formation. If a ball goes into a cup, the cup is removed from the game. The first team to eliminate all of its opponent’s cups wins. World Series Beer Pong TableAt the WSOBP four of the ten cups in the formation are filled with water.

The WSOBP is the largest organized beer pong tournament in the nation, created by BPONG.COM. The WSOBP III is hosted by BPONG.COM in association with Tight Rack, and sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. BPONG.COM is the premier source of beer pong and Beirut information on the Internet, providing a center for collaboration and discussion about the game of beer pong. Tight Rack is a Las Vegas beer pong-themed bar.

While the $50,000 grand prize today may sound like this event has been kicking along for a long while, Beer Pong is in it’s infancy. This year is the 3rd year of the tournament which had humble beginnings in Mesquite, Nevada with $10,000 grand prize 2 years ago.

It is estimated there are over 600 national and international competitors, mainly college students, competing this year in Las Beer Pong Tournament in ActionVegas in the World Series of Beer Pong III. If you’re hanging out in Las Vegas and want to catch a glimpse of this tournament you can hop on down to the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa.

If you have been thinking an event like this couldn’t possibly grow, attendance is expected bring in even more international interest from Canada and cover almost all states in the US. Participation is projected to be 100 more than last year!

Big time mentions of this new sport and the event have been mentioned in publications such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Stuff Magazine, and If you’re interested in participating next year or catching video, pictures and the excitement from this years tournament head on over to

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43 Responses to “World Series of Beer Pong III in Las Vegas”

  1. John rulez said:

    Look at that guy in the bottom photo…”elbow!” right??

  2. Stickler said:

    They seem to be a little lax on honor-system etiquette at this event. That guy in the lowest photo is set to release that ball from about three feet over the table.

    Let’s keep those elbows back, kids.

  3. jW said:

    Nortpointe Apt kids would dominate this tourney

  4. Game Nazi said:

    Leaning is allowed as long as feet don’t leave the floor and legs don’t cross the plane of the table.

  5. Sam said:

    The WSOB rules state that you can lean while shooting and have your elbow over the table, however your feet can’t leave the ground and you can’t use anything/anybody to support…

    Just an FYI =)

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  7. Mike B. said:

    SERIOUSLY SON, elbow behind the table, PLEASE

  8. matt said:

    “…however your feet can’t leave the ground…”

    what!? no dunking!?

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  10. AetvsDominvs said:

    Total Sausage Fest.

    At least if you win you can hire some in-call.

  11. Ian said:

    is this on the Ocho?

  12. Ichi said:

    I have a lot of problems with this tournament.

    1. it says the cups are filled with water
    2. if theres no elbow rule then a 7 foot guy with long enough arms can just lean over and drop the ball into the cup.
    3. what about bouncing? a ball bounced into a cup counts as two cups?
    4. do they even use fake-outs? doesnt look like it
    5. they dont have re-racks. which is pivitol in beer pong.
    6. What about redemption shots to force sudden death overtime!

    Thats how we roll in da Bay Area

  13. BeerPongSamurai said:


    “cups are filled with water”


    This is about a dumb as the Big 10 still calling itself the Big 10, when there are 11 fucking teams!

    Two “points/objectives/goals” to the game a beer pong.

    1. Get Drunk
    2. Make your friends Drunker…

    Amazingly enough there is a grate social commentary story here… Some guys wanted to hold a WSOBP event and a bunch a pussy lawyers said NO, you have to use water! God Damn when did become a bunch of pansies?

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  17. Jack said:

    From my games of friends and parties, people play different. so the elbow thing might not be part of the rule. although i see two grey lines on each side, maybe your hand cant pass that zone??….just a thought. i have a feeling this “sport” will do very well across the nation.

  18. twentyhood. said:

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  21. adam said:

    for all of you who haven’t played in this and are talking crap about it…go play. it’s the most fun 4 days of the year for anyone who plays. the rules are designed to make the games as fair as possible. if you want to read the rules, go to or and read about it. water is in 4 of the 10 cups for liability reasons…you can drink/chug as many beers as you would like but for actaully playing the game…it’s all liabilty…bounce is allowed, distractions are allowed but have to be behind the table, no frat boy rules of covering the cups. playing for $50,000…the rules are designed to make it as fair as possible. just check out the sites and ask anyone who has played…it’s an awesome time!

  22. gmoney said:

    for fuck’s sake it’s “beirut” not beer pong.

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  26. Luke said:

    We Crippled Ninjas made the final bracket on the third day but we lost in the first round. Finished up 92nd. There were some good teams out there. To clarify everything…. to make these games easier to officiate, they made the rules straight forward. You can lean as far over the 8 foot table as you want, can rerack at 6 and 3 cups, and can fill 4 of the cups with water. I thought the water rule was dumb, but they proabably did it to save money more than anything.

    Overall, awsome time. My team made the news, check the link. We’re the ones dressed as ninjas. The guys did a great job putting this event together.

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  29. jake nolan said:

    actually its a table made for elbow over, if you notice the lign in front he cant cross the cups

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  31. pongwitme said:

    this is bull… what is a beer pong tourney without beer… getting drunk as you play adds difficulty to the game and drinking water while playing cannot be fun.

    o ya… elbows please dumbass

  32. Ryan Refalo said:

    look here all you dumb ass mother fuckers get this if you are getting paid a grand prize of fifty thousaand dollars to drink fucking beer quit bitching about the fucking rules i meen it ok to just simply drink a god damn beer and enjoy it quit being babys about the rules if you win you win and you continue and if you lose you still win cause you get to drink beer. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

  33. blondies said:

    who cares if you lean . only the peolple that arent good at beerpong or have small guy complex bitch and moan… just play the game lean far as you want ,you still got to beable to throw the ball in the cup. the world series of beerpong is a great event …stop bitching itche…

  34. weiner said:

    Only faggots who suck at ruit lean

  35. Clutch said:

    Dude weiner it’s funny how you say only faggots who suck at “Ruit” lean, cuz chances are you are awful at beer pong. Come out to Vegas and play. I will personally throw down $1000 that says I will crush you on the table. This event and the people who run it ARE Beer Pong. Their rules are now the Norm and reign supreme as far as standard tourney rules go. Get a clue, read a book. And most importantly come to Vegas so I can show you how Beer Pong is played. Then we’ll see who’s the faggot that sucks at “Ruit”

  36. johnny said:

    JbMO0O Thanks for good post

  37. D said:

    If you were there you would all understand….think about the fact that you have over 400 teams in one tournament if there was no leaning you probably would never get through it. This has been the tournament rule play anywhere you go.

    When I was in undergrad we would never lean because we had all the time in the world, but since I’ve been involved in tournament play you have to understand that time is of the essence and you can’t be there for hours for one game. When I first played I didn’t get it, but trust me even if you are the best in the world, you don’t always get it in.

    On and for those of you who say there are no re racks…wrong!!! There absolutely are…..maybe just not the same as you play. PLay a satelittle tournament this year and try to make it to Vegas for 2010…you’ll see how stiff the competition is!!

  38. jon said:

    how old do you have to be is it 21?

  39. Beer Schlong Spammer said:

    This is for you old school beer pong players out there…

  40. JC said:

    my question to all of you is….anyone here from the Massachusetts area????

    Boston Beer Pong Battles is Putting together a Tournament sometime in May its gonna be huge!

    for more info check out

  41. mike said:

    wow water in cups, elbows, redemption, bouncing? this isn’t even bp!!

  42. zac said:

    no leaning u get behind the back rebound shots ,,,,, feet cant leave the ground 4 beers for every 6 cups redemptions and 1 rerack thats how we play in bama

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