“Please Retweet”, “Please RT” & “PLZ RT” please STOP!

Please RetweetIf you’ve read my blog ever before, you will know that I am sometimes abrasive, direct and blunt. I’m sort of the exposé of the exposé. I’ll call out big companies, big names, famous people or anyone that thinks they are too important. That’s the great thing about blogging, you don’t need to censor because it’s your blog, your home. On one of my previous blog posts titled, “You’re NOT a social media expert, you idiot” I made this statement: “It seems Twitter has fostered an extreme steroid fed bacterial growth of social media experts, social media gurus and super follower magnates.” I’m returning to that sentiment in that I also believe that Twitter has fostered an extreme steroid fed bacterial growth of PLEASE RETWEETS! With that said, let’s get on to the point here…

I said the above paragraph due to some of the responses I received immediately after I sent out a tweet that simply said:

I’m so tired of seeing “Please RT”, “Please Retweet”, “PLZ RT.” PPL we understand U want UR crap RTed. Quit cramming it down our throats.

stand out from all the lemmingsWell, so how do you think it went? LOL. Yes, I agree it was a little abrasive. I typically am a little abrasive, it’s one of my personality flaws that I have decided to embrace. But the reality is, in this world today, if your statements and opinions don’t stand out from all the lemmings you won’t be listened to and your point will not be delivered in a postage stamped letter.

Some people took my tweet personal and replied as if I sent it to only them. Others requested I take a break from the computer because I’m grumpy. I am not trying to attack anyone and yes, maybe I was a little grumpy, hehe, thanks for the suggestion Grandma. So here are the emotional replies or hey now replies.

LadySascha @webaddict woah. sorry about that. I didn’t realize I was offending =(

waltercolor @webaddict Mmmm.. We’ll not RT it, thus it would have been helpful that you express it in a more pedagogic way. Where is Twitter-etiquette ?

GrandmaGriner @webaddict Hey there!Good afternoon,UR a bit grumpy&may need 2 step away from computer 4 a moment! Just a grandma thought!SmileUgoFurther!

Twitter-etiquetteOkay, in order, let me address them. Dear Lady, I was not tweeting this directly at you and you weren’t offending me, just annoying me if you were repeatedly using, “Please retweet.” Don’t take me personal unless I send you a personal @ message and say something nice or rude. :P *hugs* to you Lady, didn’t mean for you to take it so personal. To you Walter, just “not” RTing the tweet does not solve the issue. I have seen this method spread from a set of core users to thousands of clueless Twitter users. Like I said before, while you don’t like my methods, if I would have been nicer and “cutesy” no one would have listened, thus useless. You ask where is Twitter-etiquette? Welcome to it, it’s here on my blog and I’m educating the masses what is highly annoying. To Grandma, you are probably right in some ways, thanks for the nice reminder.

These five tweeple got exactly the message I was getting at and described it well in their tweets:

kirstenwright @webaddict I couldn’t agree more. If you want it to get RT’ed, just have quality content!

kenGe @webaddict true, and if it is worthy it will be done. take out the RT saves on chars

iamkhayyam @webaddict I know, right? Every link out there begs for requoting. Ok, here’s one for you… Please create a beautiful day :)
iamkhayyam @webaddict My thing is this, are you asking or telling me to RT? Either way, IMO it’s treads a fine line of desperation and insecurity…
iamkhayyam @webaddict …do you not have faith in your content? If it’s good or pertinent, then it will get pushed forward regardless of begging :)

Lizz_A @webaddict I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Lizz_A @webaddict Furthermore, I find posters who constantly end tweets with ‘RT PLZ’ don’t have much interesting to say. Def nothing I want to RT.

BuzzEdition @webaddict I agree the “Please RT” syndrome is out of control, people should RT what they like & what their followers will find value in ;)
BuzzEdition @webaddict And furthermore, if your tweet doesn’t get RTed, it should be a sign that U R not providing the value your followers R looking 4

The first message I got that seemed to sing to me like a Mozart masterpiece was from Kirsten. She really hit the nail on the head with simplicity and much nicer than me. Whispering retweetsYou don’t have to get people to “Please Retweet” because if the content is interesting, good, moving or fantastic people will retweet it. If people don’t retweet it is time for you to reevaluate why your tweeting out junk no one wants to retweet and they only do if you beg for it.

Ken put out a great point that removing all this “Please Retweet” business saves on those precious 140 characters. This is very true and the reality is, when people retweet the “Please RT” tweets they often include all the begging garbage so the character wasting becomes viral.

Liz and Khayyam seem to pretty much share the same viewpoint. Khayyam speaks a lot of truth and has that edgy feel that I often portray in my words. Khayyam makes the point that it almost shows a bit of desperation and insecurity in a tweeter to use, “Please retweet.” After that, the message that Kirsten made was reaffirmed, “If it’s good or pertinent, then it will get pushed forward regardless of begging.” Bravo!

Susan, under the name BuzzEdition classified the “Please RT” game as a syndrome. Pretty funny because that is pretty much what it has turned into. Susan also pinned down the point that if your stuff isn’t getting retweeted there is a breakdown in communication between you and your followers. It’s very true, if your not getting retweets, replies, DMs and comments then you need to start thinking about how to better connect with your followers.

Now I got a couple tweets that came in saying that essentially they liked getting “Please Retweets” for one reason or another, let’s look at those:

SweetLeafApril @webaddict i think it’s a heck of a lot nicer to say “pls Rt” rather than just RT. (my 2 cents)

juliendorra @webaddict Some people tweet good things, and, from time to time, ask to push on a specific issue. I don’t have a problem with that.

Pretty Please with sugar on topOh sweet April, I see your point, it is nicer for someone to say “PLZ RT” than just saying “RT.” However, in my experience I often don’t see people say just RT because it really resembles the RT used in an actual RT. With that said, I don’t think it’s nice at all. Please is an overused term in most instances. You see when someone is saying “PLZ RT” they aren’t really being polite, it’s just disguising self promotion and kutzpa for people that get all warm and fuzzy with these fake niceties. I just don’t understand how three more letters or an extra word makes a car salesman pitch seem any nicer. Frankly, I don’t buy it. Julie, you’re right, lots of people tweet good things… but here’s the deal, there’s something I’ve noticed. Most people that use “Please Retweet” use it chronically most of the time. I obviously wouldn’t have made such a strong statement if I only saw this method used once a week or so.

I received a message from the twerson making an interesting point that we should bring up. Make sure you comment and let me know what you think about this one!

chrisboutet @webaddict Hear, hear! http://twitter.com/chrisboutet/statuses/1664170144
chrisboutet Does adding “PLZ RT” actually result in more retweets than, say, writing interesting stuff? Think it comes off kinda desperate & sad. PLZ RT

Scientific experiment with retweetsI will shed some insight on this one. I have spoken to some people that are chronic, “Please Retweeters” before and some of them have told me that they do get more RTs than if they leave it off. I’m not so sure how much scientific testing was actually done but I will lend that to the, “Please Retweet” crowd. It would be cool to do a brief study on what got more tweets, a tweet with or without the dreaded promotion. The truth is though, each tweet is invariably different than another tweet, the time of day and the actual day. So for the testing to be as solid as possible a tweet would have to done on a Tuesday at 5:00pm PST and then done the following Tuesday at 5:00pm PST for the data to be comparable.

The rest of the messages I got were mostly in agreement or retweeting what I or some people replying to me actually said. Since I told everyone I’d include them if they @ replied me, I’m keeping my word. Here is everyone else that directly replied to me as of the time of writing this (in the order they were received):

littlebead @webaddict Agreed!!!

trishaj RT @webaddict: I’m so tired of seeing “Please RT”, “Please Retweet”, “PLZ RT.” PPL we understand U wnt UR crap RTed. Quit cramming it dn …

CriticalTodd @webaddict Thank you for that!

suikagirl1 @webaddict amen!

peteravalos @webaddict doesn’t it depend on the tweet? Please RT ;)

trishaj @webaddict So funny and so true I had to RETWEET, lol!!!  ;)

calinazaret RT: @webaddict: I’m so tired of seeing “Please Retweet”, “PLZ RT.” PPL we understand U want UR crap RTed. Quit cramming it down our throats.
calinazaret @webaddict I agree. RT’d! lol

johnnyflower @webaddict hey dude, i, ah, i have this little favour, to ask? hehe…

louiebaur @webaddict Ok so you want me to retweet your comment about retweeting??? :-)

johnmcc @webaddict Totally agree. Or the worst of all, ending it just with ‘RT’!

assault @webaddict It’s interesting to me that very rarely does actual “content” get RT,  instead lists or roundups of other peoples content does.

Bubbalou RT: @webaddict: RT @kirstenwright: I couldn’t agree more. If you want it to get RT’ed, just have quality content!

RandyInman RT @webaddict:  I couldn’t agree more. If you want it to get RT’ed, just have quality content! [exactly! that is EXACTLY it.]

jdschultz RT @webaddict …tired of…”Please RT”, “Please Retweet”, “PLZ RT.”…we understand U want UR crap RTed. Quit cramming it down our throats.

achimbrueck Please, please RT RT @webaddict: I’m so tired of seeing “Please RT”, “Please Retweet”, “PLZ RT.” PPL we understand U want UR crap RTed.

derekbaird @webaddict re: RT’s spot on!

johnjambrose RT @webaddict: I’m so tired of seeing “Please RT”, “PLZ RT.” PPL we understand U want UR crap RTed. Quit cramming it down our throats. Irony

BuzzEdition @webaddict Well at least I’m getting my blog now *hugs*

tommytrc RT @BuzzEdition@webaddict Well at least I’m getting my blog now *hugs*

ecopolitologist RT @BuzzEdition@webaddict I agree the “Please RT” syndrome is out of control, people should RT what they like…

faithgoddess7 RT @BuzzEdition@webaddict People should RT what they like & what their followers will find value in ***I Agree***

Paul_Holgorsen RT @faithgoddess7: RT @BuzzEdition@webaddict People should RT what they like & what their followers will find value in ***I Agree***

creativejo RT @BuzzEdition@webaddict I agree “Plse RT” syndrome is out of control, ppl shld RT what they like & what their followers find value in ;)

HindsiteHealth @BuzzEdition @webaddict if someone says Please RT, I pretty much don’t. I’m ornery that way. :D (amber alerts etc, yes. quotes, no)

Well, I hope that inspires some of the chronic “Please Retweeters” to tone it down a little bit. It’s not that there is anything wrong with using “Please RT” every once in awhile, it’s just becoming an old worn out tire, like FollowFriday. If anything, it just seems crazy to say, “Please Retweet” because why wouldn’t you want us to retweet you? Of course you want that. Let’s just make an agreement, we will always KNOW that you want to be RTed and you don’t even have to tell us to! Just remember that if you say something stupid, slutty or horrifying to let us know, “PLZ DON’T RT.” Most things are pretty cool in moderation and silly promotional pushes and begging is ok if it’s a rare breed too.

By the way, now that you’ve reached the end of the post, can you PLEASE RETWEET this? :D

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease,
- webaddict


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48 Responses to ““Please Retweet”, “Please RT” & “PLZ RT” please STOP!”

  1. Joe Boughner said:

    I am okay with a please retweet every once in awhile, from people who otherwise add value on a regular basis, and on tweets that legitimately should get mass distribution. Missing kid alert? Sure, ask for a RT (though something tells me that would get spread regardless). Doing a charity thing? Ok, beg for it to go viral.

    But the people who ask you to RT their latest blog post, or some other pearl of micro-wisdom? Yea, they rank right up there with the follow friday people and the auto DMers.

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  3. awessendorf said:

    I have seen the “please retweet” listed as a good thing to do tip on more than a few “How to use Twitter” guides floating around out there written by supposed Social Media Experts and Guru’s. Never understood the concept since quality content or info that strikes someone as interesting will automatically be retweeted. Simple as that. *shrug*


  4. k8dt said:

    totally agree..now maybe you could write something like this to the peeps who RT everything that has their @name in it…drives me NUTS!!

  5. Ivor said:

    I also hate #followfriday posts. I quit following a guy because all his posts on a Friday, and there were far too many, were just follow friday posts. Useless, pointless and time wasting.

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  8. DiannaKersey said:

    My sentiments exactly! If you want something RT , then make quality content. If it is worth something to someone – great…. if not – better luck next time!

    You are in the Twittersphere! No telling what the air is like up there! Pure, Clean, Foul? But PLEASE don’t beg me to RT it!

    I love your abrasiveness! Rock On!

  9. elle said:

    ok, well I kinda have 2 thoughts on this.

    First.. definately… I hate crap being pushed in my face feeling like a sheep and being asked to RT, digg, flip, spike.. whatever, all the time. If its for a friend and on occasion then I don’t mind so much or obviously if its quality and I see value in the RT, then I’d do it.

    But… when its someone actually asking for information such as .. ‘Looking for a designer to hire and help me with an app, plz RT’, then I am inclined to do so as I feel that’s worthy of a retweet if I think someone in my Twitter stream can help out- perhaps because finding that information (or person, etc) you are searching is really what Twitter’s specialty is.

  10. Julie (aka calinazaret) said:

    Seems to me like your tweet mostly bothered people who ask for retweets too much.

  11. Johnny Flower said:

    Do you mind if i retweet this? hehe. seriously though, if it’s good content, i’ll retweet any day, i think. not that i’m a ‘power user’. suppose that’s a different deal altogether.

  12. Samantha said:

    I wonder about the etiquette involving removing the “please RT” from something you otherwise want to RT. In terms of Twitter etiquette, what kind of obligation, if any, do you have to the person you’re quoting?

    I RTed something earlier that had a “please RT” in it that I didn’t think was necessary (it was just an interesting news story). I was torn about editing it out but I didn’t have a real excuse as i had plenty of space.

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  14. joelmackey said:

    @Samantha That is actually against Twitter TOS to RT something without giving the original Tweeter credit.

    However to make things more confusing, I do use this rule when retweeting other people’s stuff. If someone has a blog and they write something that I like I don’t always RT @writer their blog title. I don’t see the point because the traffic ultimately comes back to them anyway. However if someone is tweeting some else’s blog they should always be credited.

    For instance, if you retweeted this point I could care less if you include @webaddict on it because I don’t need the credit, my credit lies within the blog post. :) Hope that didn’t confuse you more.

  15. Samantha said:

    Joel, you misunderstand. I gave the original poster credit, just wasnt sure about the (Please RT) part included in the original message (which I did anyway. Even though a lot of people find it annoying, apparently. But still.. not wanting to edit the other person’s data.. etc.. etc.. thus my uncertainty).

  16. Philip Turpin said:

    @Ivor, I agree with you on that one too (I wrote a tongue in cheek article a while back. I think #followfriday had/has it’s uses but too many people abuse it. If I shout out a #followfriday it’ll be one, maybe two tweeps max, with a specific reason why these people bring value to my timeline & why I think you should follow them. Just saying #followfriday followed by a list of tweeps is ridiculous and pointless. Also (yeah, I know, just getting it off my chest – lol) you spot someone in a #followfriday who has an interesting username or avatar so you go check them out, to see if they’ll provide any value or not, and their timeline simply reads #followfriday after #followfriday after #followfriday so I can’t see what they’d normally be tweeting. I mean, really, how can you expect to provide value to anyone with this blanket approach?

    Phew, *breathes*.

    @webaddict – good for you in writing about the ‘pls RT’ that plagues Twitter. As most people have said “If it’s good enough content you wont need to ask for a RT”. Self promotion is unacceptable and excessive use usually results in an ‘unfollow’ from me except under certain circumstances, I can think of one prominent Tweep who uses ‘pls RT’ but also provides a hell of a lot of value, or if it’s of a public service nature.

    Back to work! :)

  17. joelmackey said:

    @Joe Boughner I suppose you are right Joe. Do we really need to include PLZ RT on Amber Alerts or anything for that matter? Like you mentioned people will retweet that stuff anyway. It really boils down to good / breaking content breeds it’s own desire to retweet.

    @awessendorf That is hilarious that you’ve found eBooks and Twitter Guides by social media experts that recommend using the “Please Retweet.” This is why most of these people are scams. They don’t have a clue! You don’t have to be an expert to know that advice is moot.

    @k8dt Hehe, that is pretty funny that has never bumped onto my radar much. I’ll keep an eye out for the ego RTers.

    @Ivor yes, FollowFriday used to be good, but it really just turned into a pile of horse doo doo.

    @DianneKersey Well thank you for the awesome comment and the very kind compliment. My writing has a style and you’ll either like it or hate it. Glad you’re on the liking side. Hehe.

    @elle I think that is an interesting point Elle that for informational people seeking purposes you value the PLZ RT. It does sort of make sense in that example and I mostly agree with you. :P Like I said above in the post an occasional use is fine, just this chronic infection is not.

    @Julie LOL, great point!

    @JohnnyFlower Hear Hear! :)

  18. joelmackey said:

    @Samantha OH!!! I’m soooo sorry Samantha. I did good that up huh? In regards to editing a tweet you are tweeting you have full right to edit it as much as you want. You do not even have to keep the message the same. However, if you drastically change the message it is probably best to change the RT @username to My new message that I like better than your lame one LINK (via @username)

    Great point to bring up!

  19. Chad said:

    I think this should be chalked up to the overwhelming majority of people who are completely missing the point of twitter. Dude, I really don’t care that you’re hungry, that you just got back from jogging, or any other of the gazillions of pointless tweets out there. Please, for the love of God, post something interesting or you don’t have a chance in hell of me following you to even have the chance of RTing something you posted.

    Rant over, I feel better now :)

  20. ObamaLlama said:

    How ’bout people just compose tweets that are worth Re-tweeting. Surely if their tweets are of value, someone will RT.

  21. Julie (aka calinazaret) said:

    @chad it depends on how people want to use twitter. Personally, I have news feeds and mixx for all the cool stories and links; on twitter, I want to know what my friends are DOING, so I like to follow people who talk about their lives or their thoughts.

    You can use twitter for whatever you want, but you shouldn’t bash other people for having differing opinions :-)

  22. James McGregor said:

    I liked this so much I re-tweeted it.

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  24. Nitin Malhotra said:

    How is this any different from you (or the person you RT’d the tweet of etc etc) adding a post-script ‘–Share this article: http://****‘ ?

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  26. Joseph Primm said:

    And then if you are seeing someone ask for a RT in their message, if following them there is the option of unfollowing them and you won’t see the RT request.

  27. featureBlend said:

    Truly i have learned alot from you, and I appreciate your abrasiveness and straight-forward approach. You stand for what you believe for and i like that. *Not everyone does. | Err or is it just negative publicity? LOL!

    Ya know if you look at a users perspective its hard for people to break outta their patterns once formed i.e. facebook and now twitter. Personally the challenge to me is to get confident about my tweeting, and accept others around you, cuz that vibe will take you a long long way!

    I’ve learned, made my mistakes – progression is learning. RT is ok, when you really like someones content, but one shouldn’t abuse it. I did and i *shudder to look at my stream again like that.

    End of the day I’m a knowledge seeker and i thank you for sharing your insight with the world..

  28. Kimbo_Lou said:

    Wow. I’m learning more and more every day … reading various blogs/articles such as this one makes me constantly re-evaluate what I tweet and RT. It seems to me that common sense would dictate that I RT only what I consider to be of value (either to myself or my followers). But then again, what I think might be of value might not necessarily be of value to some of my followers. I have many interests. My literary followers might not want to see a RT on something technological. My tech followers probably don’t give a hoot about what I’m reading. And please bear w/ me ~ I’m just not that witty or personally engaging. I’m just being me and ~ oh well ~ you can’t please everyone!

    As for Follow Fridays … yeah, I keep it down to one tweet. That’s it. And have learned not to RT a #FF when thanking someone for their rec (see? I’m learning!). But I really don’t understand why someone would RT a follower’s #FF when they’re not even following you in the first place. That’s just …. kinda weird. O.K., I’m done ~ back to the real world!

  29. joelmackey said:

    @Chad Really Chad, I have to admit, I don’t agree with you. The real meat and potatoes that built the house of Twitter was built from the people that tell us about their mundane boring lives. That is part of the connection that brings us all together. It makes us realize whether someone is in Mumbai, Beijing or New York they still get up, eat breakfast, brush their teeth and sometimes enjoy drinks after work. It is an equalizer and peace maker in my opinion. It is also a datamine of specific cultural and marketing trends and analytic data that companies will come to appreciate more than any data they have got their hands on before. With that sad, I’m glad you commented so we get a full view of everyone!

    @ObamLama Correct, that was pretty much the point of the article. Thanks for your input.

    @Julie (calinazaret) This article was tough for me because you said, “People can use twitter for whateever they want.” Which I whole heartedly agree with. This also means that if you want to use “Please Retweet” after every post you should be able to. But on the same token, I should be able to chastise you for it for annoying so many people, LOL. If you want to tweet that your cat is rolling over, GREAT, if you want to tweet you’re having roast beef, AWESOME, if you want to tweet a link to your favorite porn link, FINE THEN. :) I don’t care what ppl use Twitter for, I want it to be an example of freedom.

    @James McGregor Thanks for retweeting it. :)

    @Nitin Malhorta I never said that saying “Please Retweet” is any different or better than “‘–Share this article: http://****’ ?” …. they are just the same and the share this one is actually worse IMO. Great point!

    @Joseph Prim Unfollowing is always an option. But that is like condoning school kids beating up another kid because you don’t have to participate. It still shouldn’t happen. :P LOL

    @FeatureBlend Thanks for coming and commenting on the blog. I’m honored to have such great compliments from you! :P I have never noticed you abusing the RT. That is for a whole different article. Really though, if you feel something is of value, interesting to you, why shouldn’t you RT it. There shouldn’t be a limit. You’re doing awesome on Twitter you’re certainly on my radar.

    @Kimbo_Lou Thanks for coming by here and reading my stuff, glad it helps! You make a very interesting point and I don’t want you to get TOO caught up in trying to please your followers. You are who YOU are and you’re not gonna change. If something makes you happy, is interesting to you or you think it has value by all means RT it. Don’t always be worried about if it caters to everyone’s need. You want to carve and sculpt your list of followers into people who enjoy you, not you molding yourself so they CAN enjoy you. With that said, it is beneficial to track the engagement of your users so that you are better in tune with them and can get more value out of your time on Twitter. That will be another article, another day though. :P Thanks for dropping in.

  30. Khayyam said:

    Can someone PLZ tell me what RT stands for?! :)

    Cause if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for just about anything.

    Exempla gratia: #followfriday

    I’m out. Two fingers. Peace.

  31. Leebo1010 said:

    Oh my friend, leave it to you to stir up some great convo. Lord those RT’ers who don’t know WTF they’re doing and just RT everything. I can hardly keep up with the GOOD and real tweets as it is, but Twitter pollution is cluttering my tweetdeck.

    Will send a nice tweet about auto DM’s next please?

  32. Gabriella said:

    Hello you of all people should know about RT’s. I have seen you ask for a RT on several occasions. I have also seem you RT stuff that people RT’d about you. Talk about self serving entitlement you are the epitome of “Please RT.” You have never bothered to RT any of my stuff and I will admit I rarely ask for them. What kills me is people who need the RT about how wonderful they are. Isn’t it nicer if people say nice things about you rather than you telling us how wonderful people think you are?
    My favorite is when you say things like “Thanks for trying to help though. The issue is none of the apps you would like to mention can handle all my followers.” Aww how sad is that? :)

  33. joelmackey said:

    @Garbriella I love when people come with made up assertions and crazy rants and are flat out wrong, so let’s address your crazy rant in order. Did you think I’d moderate your comment? Not even close, you’re a great example of talking before you think.

    You say: “I have seen you ask for a RT on several occasions.”

    I say: I will give you $25 by PayPal immediately if you can find ANYWHERE I have EVER asked for a RT in all of my 7,000 Tweets.

    You say: “You have never bothered to RT any of my stuff and I will admit I rarely ask for them.”

    I say: So what? Am I required to RT your stuff? I’m not even following you. I have no clue who you are, why would I RT someone I don’t even listen to? You’re bitter because you aren’t on my radar, sad. You’ve never RTed anything of mine, so should I be pissed at you too? LOL!

    You say: “What kills me is people who need the RT about how wonderful they are. Isn’t it nicer if people say nice things about you rather than you telling us how wonderful people think you are?”

    I say: I’m really not even sure what this crazy babbling is about. You’re mad because I RT other people when they have a testimonial about me? There is also the saying in business that if you don’t sell yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. Which is funny because no one is saying anything about you, so you should probably start up the promotion engine.

    You say: My favorite is when you say things like “Thanks for trying to help though. The issue is none of the apps you would like to mention can handle all my followers.” Aww how sad is that?

    I say: Once again, what’s your problem? You don’t like the truth. I had someone approach me and told me that 3 different Twitter 3rd party apps were what I should be using because TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop were memory hogs, buggy etc. I told him all 3 apps he recommended I couldn’t use because I have too many followers. What the heck is wrong with stating the truth. Seriously Gabriella, go take your meds today, a Xanax or do something… you’re on a bender and need to think about the stupid stuff your spewing out of your face.

  34. ross ching said:

    @Garbriella pwned.

  35. Coolie Monster | twitter fail blog said:

    [...] to a tweet does increase your retweetability, so it is good to ask your followers to do so. WebAddict is sick of “Please RT” and wishes everyone would [...]

  36. Carla said:

    If a post says please RT, I will not even bother reading it. I RT if I feel that its good comment and I hope others will do the same for me. RT because you like what I wrote, not because we’re friends.

  37. h said:

    why would you be following people whose content would include marketing crap? isn’t following those who are interesting the beauty & point of this platform?

  38. Mike Dammann said:

    I never get what I ask for, so is best for me to tweet and see what happens …

  39. Czarina Cleopatra said:

    Yawn, sizzling topic here… LOL… K, honestly I haven’t encountered a ‘please RT – tweet’. I re-tweet interesting stories/article. I’m a bit biased ‘coz I also consider the person who ‘tweet’ the story. So even if I was tweeting for some time now, I only have few people on my list.

    My side:
    1. I check stories tweet/RT from people I respect and admire.
    2. I re-tweet stories that touch my interest.

    Content is still king.

  40. Danny Brown said:

    I think it can depend on context. Too much for no reason is over the top. But for a charity, an Amber alert, an emergency – I don’t see the problem with asking for a RT.

    And remember, you always have the UnFollow option if anything is too annoying.

  41. merlinvicki said:

    Whats your problem anyway if anybody asks for RT. I had to unfollow you anyways because of the enourmous spam you keep tweeting everyday.

  42. Laurie said:

    Understand this complexity completely as explained by you some months ago! LOL! I am in the fold, I don’t like the PLZ RT, please retweet, OR RT! I RT so often, as long as I believe in the content, and IF the content is good. I have learned to always follow the link and read it in it’s entirety before I RT it, but it all goes back to many of your other followers…if it has good content, it will be re tweeted, regardless.

    Here’s another one for you…I am really tired of the automated tweets which send out quotes every five minutes, and the ones that say the same thing, day after day, BUY ME, BUY ME!! If you care enough about your product, put in the time and get more personal with your followers, tweet with them once in a while! I am turned off by these PPL and their businesses! Woops, I’m beginning to sound like you! hehehe

  43. Twitted by gracecic said:

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  44. Please RT – For » Current News Trends said:

    [...] I’m so tired of seeing “Please RT”, “Please Retweet”, “PLZ RT.” PPL we understand U want UR crap RTed. Quit cramming it down our throats. Original Story Link [...]

  45. Please RT For » Current News Trends said:

    [...] I’m so tired of seeing “Please RT”, “Please Retweet”, “PLZ RT.” PPL we understand U want UR crap RTed. Quit cramming it down our throats. Original Story Link [...]

  46. This Should Be Considered a Twitter Crime | Programming Blog said:

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  47. Silran666 said:

    Great blog Joel, couldn’t agree with you more, the message is the medium and it should have it’s own weight and merit when it comes to having it RT’d, it’s the great thing about twitter as a medium of information dissemination. “Begging for it,” (the RT) seems to say, “I’m not sure my content can stand on it’s own two feet.” Certainly sometimes it can be useful to ask for an RT (Yellow Alerts) but that should be few and far between. Great job!

  48. CheShA said:

    I have a half-jokey list which I put offenders on, “Naming and shaming those who ‘PLZ RT’”. Most people see the humour behind it, which is good. But there’s a serious message here, too people: IFF the content is such that it merits distribution it will get RTed; if it isn’t, it won’t. Asking for RTs is no substitute for making sure the content your posting is genuinely useful, interesting or funny, and that makes your ‘plz rt’ seriously unsightly and very bad form.

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